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We are synthetic inorganic chemistry research group, and we aim to synthesize small molecule complexes for targeted application in bioinspired chemical conversions like splitting of water into oxygen and hydrogen, conversion of atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia, utilization of dioxygen as a green oxidant for catalysis, etc. We design and synthesize organic ligands and use them to synthesize transition metal complexes. Part of our compounds are highly sensitive to air and thus, we synthesize them in a N2/Ar filled glove-box or using a standard Schlenk line technique. We use a variety of spectroscopic techniques like variable temperature UV-vis, EPR, cyclic voltammetry, NMR, ESI-mass, GC, IR, resonance Raman, X-ray diffraction, etc. to analyze our new compounds. While studying a chemical conversion, we pay attention to trap and characterize meta-stable reaction intermediates formed by various spectroscopic techniques. More details about our research are available in the Research section of the website.   

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